We are women, brave.
With our words we pave,
the road that will save
us from our past

Standing strong we fight.
Hope is now in sight.
We shall walk in light.
Freedom at last

© 2018 eat. create. repeat, all rights reserved. Photo credit: purchased image from dollarphotoclub.com

Poet’s Prose: Welcome to #FormFriday. On Fridays, I will be posting a new poetry form that I will try and anyone else interested may try. Feel free to use the picture as a prompt or just try the poetry form. This week for Form Friday the poetry form is Welsh. The Cyhydedd Hir is an octave stanza made up of two quatrains. The syllable count is 5-5-5-4-5-5-5-4 and the rhyming scheme is aaaBaaaB. If you do more than two quatrains the rhyming scheme would be as follows: aaaBaaaBcccDcccD. The five syllable lines all rhyme and the four syllable lines carry the rhyme from stanza to stanza.

If you choose to participate, please put your link to your blog, pingback, or poem in the comment section. Poetry Forms are fun!

PS. Do as I say, not as I do! lol Oh my gosh, I just realized that I did this form wrong. I did a different rhyming scheme aaaBcccB.  Oops…