Time slipped through her fingers.

Youthful memories unraveled,
shifting from one era to the next.

The tighter she clung.
The faster they slipped away.
Until all that remained was today.

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Narrative:  I am a little late on this one.  Found this neat little poetry form over on With Real Toad’s blog.  This was supposed to be the prompt for the weekend, but it is my Tuesday post.  Please go check out some of the other poems from this Cherita Challenge.

Cherita:  is a six-line poem in three stanzas. First stanza is one line, second stanza two lines, third stanza three lines. Line length is up to you. The idea is to write a short story in six lines.

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  1. In a moment, I had the thing

    A moment that made me sing
    Set me free to fly and to wing

    A moment that ended with a ding
    I lost it, my sense of being king
    Now I sit, stand, kneel … waiting

    Spur of the moment. And I made it rhyme! 😉

    1. Kira says:

      You made me smile!!! This is really great and yes you did rhyme…very well indeed! You are really good at this poetry thing. Just saying…

      1. So, yeah, it’s an attempt to make humor out of a moment that … well, yeah … I’ll leave it at that. The humor is the hard part.

        Thank you.

  2. Kira says:

    I hope you know that each time you write something, even a poem, you are awakening that creativity inside you! I truly believe you are going to bust through this writers block and come out the other side writing like crazy!!

    The last line of your poem was really clever. At least to me it showed the interruption in the flow since it didn’t rhyme. Kind of reflecting where you are stuck. (Just for a moment because your breakthrough is coming!)

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