I’d like to introduce you to Tiny. He is a sweet dog, but a tad short on the smart gene. Tiny is uber inquisitive which makes him prone to unfortunate circumstances.

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Image: I created this 3D image in DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

Character Prompt: Today’s challenge is to use the photo and the character description to write a short flash fiction story or a poem. If you participate in this challenge please put a ping back to your post, paste a link in the comments, or post your poem in the comments.




  1. It goes like this, you see. Life is like having a butterfly on your nose. You know it could be beautiful, but you just can’t quite focus on it because your eyes cross when you try. So you’re not entirely sure.

    You want to shake it off, but then it might fly away and then where would you be. You wouldn’t have the beauty you think exists anymore. So, you try to stay as still as possible. If you’re quiet, the butterfly will stay. If you’re quiet, your life will be good. Trouble might pass you by. If you stay still trauma and drama will pass over you.

    But the butterfly on your nose is starting to tickle. You want to twitch your nose, rub the tip with your finger. Maybe if you could, reach your tongue up there and lick the itch away.

    What do you do? Stay still and be quiet, let the beauty remain even if you can’t quite see it. Do you let the minor discomfort of the tickle disrupt things. Maybe if you did, once the butterfly leaves, two more would appear. Or a slug.

    What do you do?

    1. Kira says:

      This is GREAT!!!! I love the direction that you took this! Wonderful questions at the end. It really made me think, “What would I do?” I thoroughly enjoy writing and art that asks a question or makes me ask a question!

      So glad you decided to do this prompt. I wasn’t sure if it is a good theme to do. I might do a Character Prompt once a month. I have so many 3D characters I have created for my artwork 🙂

      1. Kira says:

        Yes you did! You just wrote about the butterfly character!! That works perfectly!You wrote from the picture which works. I just want people to be able to write from the written or photo prompt :). I might just post the picture as the character and not write any information.

      2. It’s interesting. Every time you post something, my initial reaction is “I’ve got nothing.” But then I give myself a few seconds, not really much more than that typically, and I come up with a start, an idea, and I push my way through to the end.

      3. Thank you for doing this. It really has helped me. And I still need to write a post on my blog about what you are doing and encouraging others to take up your prompts. Soon.

      4. Kira says:

        Please do not worry about doing a post. My hope is to start doing the prompts/challenges on the calendar and then their prompts/challenges will be showing up for people on my page too.

        I am so glad it has helped you! That’s what I want to do on this blog is to help people struggling with creative blocks and offer them various ways to work through them :).

      5. The reason I want to share it is because most of the writer/bloggers I follow, particularly the ones I’ve followed for the longest amount of time — a lot of them are blogging about struggling with writing.

      6. Kira says:

        Ok then they are exactly who I want to help!! 🙂 I have struggled with my creative voice and work for about 3 years. I came back to WordPress for the community and the prompt/challenges. They are what seem to break through my creative silence.

      7. Kira says:

        Also I have put up the first edition of the WordPress Challenge Calendar up on my site. It has at least one daily prompt each day for people to go try. I gathered it from a list of bloggers whose challenges I have tried. I hope to add more soon 🙂

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