I can’t believe it’s been three nights!

The burning in my gut hasn’t ceased for one moment since that night. I’ve tried to ignore it, but the fire is burning hotter than ever tonight. I’ve come to dread the dusk hour because the searing of my insides intensifies when night makes itself at home.

The screams from the outlying towns will begin shortly. I watch with resignation as the sun’s fingers wave goodbye from the horizon. My burning gut drives me deeper into the night crying out to hunt, but his voice whispers to my heart.

“My children know my voice, another’s they do not heed.”

The gentle voice pushes the fire in my gut back, dousing its flames. I know what I must do. It is my calling to walk into the bowels of the city rescuing those who battle against the dark poison that threatens to extinguish what little good is left.

With each step, I offer up a prayer that I will find others who hear His voice.

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