I shuddered as another loud sound crashed off to my right. The darkness was making me skittish. I knew better than to wander the streets in the lonely hours of deep night. Yet, here I was doing just that.

What drove me to repeat the same stupidity night after night. Instead of climbing into my bed at a normal hour, I chose to wander aimlessly through the maze of streets crowding my mind.

I finally reached the corner where a small sliver of light splashed upon the cracked cement curb. With a slight tilt of my head I glanced at the street sign closest to me. With eyes squinted to read in the pale light, I muttered under my breath, “Stupid Avenue.”

I let out a sigh. Then cocked my head in the opposite direction. I took a step closer towards the sign parallel to the first. “Unworthy Road.” That way sounded even less appealing than the other.

A light sparkling across the intersection in front of me caught my eye. I carefully began picking my away across the rubble littered street. The sparkly glow mesmerizing in its purity. The closer I drew to the light the clearer the path across the road grew.

I came to an abrupt stop. Directly in front of me were two white bricks embedded in the asphalt. As I peered farther in that direction, I saw that the asphalt was slowly consumed by interspersed white bricks until the grey cement completely disappeared. The white brick street quietly radiated a soft ambient light.

My body eagerly leaned forward towards the two white bricks, but my feet refused to budge. That beautiful path was not for the likes of me. It was for the “worthy.” It was for those people who had led untarnished lives. I was as dirty and tarnished as they come. I had no right to even look at those white bricks much less step on them!

“My sweet, sweet child. This street is for you. I created it specifically for you, no one else.”

My heart leapt out of my chest and I choked on a mouthful of air when the baritone voice spoke. My eyes darted in all directions. There was no one in sight!

The street sign off to my left began to pulse with the same soft glow as the white bricks. I had to read the sign three times before the words began to seep into my jumbled mind. “Forgiveness Street.”

“My child all is forgiven. You are free. No more dark streets. You are my precious child and you are loved.”

This post was created for Forgiving Fridays  writing prompt for November 2nd.


  1. Wow. Kira, I am so touched by your story / parable. There is such depth here. It’s like forgiveness is giving us a safe road out of the judgments into the truth of who we are – free, forgiven, whole and completely loved. Funny, I study a spiritual path where the essence is that we are everything that we are searching for. 🙂

    I’ll share this post for #ForgivingFridays tomorrow. Thank you. You are a beautiful writer.

    1. Thank you Debbie. I was so inspired when I saw your site. I had such a wonderful time writing the story. And you totally got the message I was trying to give through the story. Thank you reminding us what a powerful role Forgiveness plays in our journey!

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