To read my Take 1 for this challenge please click here.

I love photo prompts as writing kickstarts.  A picture gets my creative juices flowing.  So every once in awhile, I am going to post a photo prompt to kickstart my writing for the day.  If you would like to join me, I hope you do, then please know you are welcome to.

The guidelines are simple.  I will post a photo and you simply write prose or poetry.  The twist to this is the Take 1 part.  No edits.  Simply free flow writing.  You do this writing in 1 Take.  It isn’t about perfection.  It is about simply writing what pops into your mind when you look at the photograph.  I will also post two “challenges” to go along with your Take 1 writing that you can partake in for each photo prompt.

Challenge #1 (Prose): Write your Take 1 as a 40 minute timed session.
Challenge#2 (Poetry): Write your Take 1 in the Tanka poetry form.
(unrhymed Japanese poem consisting of five lines of 5/7/5/7/7 syllable format.)

If you join me in this photo prompt please feel free to put a pingback of your writing in the comment section of this post.

Look forward to seeing what you all write!


  1. I have one of those day jobs that take up far too many hours in the day. 😉 But these are the types of exercises I want to engage in when I can retire from aforementioned day job and I have more free time. Keep posting, I’m getting there sooner instead of later.

  2. Take 2:

    Handprint fingerprints
    Swirling lines identify
    Tell the world of you
    Born with them and die as well
    Use them for art and meaning

    Spur of the moment.

    Thank you for posting and for your encouragement.

    1. I love this!! Awesome! You used to post poems to my photo prompts on my old blog years ago! And I was always amazed at how great they were!!

      1. Now, I really need to be reminded of what your old blog was. I go through old posts every now and then and there was a period where I did a lot of poetry and creative stuff here and I just don’t do that anymore. I need to open that door again.

      2. My blog changed names several times but it was Kirsten Uninterrupted for the longest. I did several WordPress community projects like “The Misadventures of Vanilla,” a magazine called Voices of Poetry & Prose, and wePoets Show It. I happened to go through my old blog last week and saw several people’s comments and blogs on my old site that I followed from this new blog. I doubt I would have remembered anyone if I hadn’t just look at that blog recently 🙂

      3. OK. I was right about my guess. I went over to Twitter and I follow Kirsten Uninterrupted over there and that’s who I thought you were. But Kira … Kirsten. Who knows?

        I know I enjoyed your writing back then and then you disappeared and I worried about you. So, you don’t get to disappear again. I’m glad you’re back.

        It’s interesting, a lot of the bloggers I interacted with regularly back in 2012-2014 have disappeared. There were a lot of writers and poets who did things that motivated me to write things I had never written before. Truth is, up until that period of time, I had never written poetry before. As those bloggers/writers disappeared, so to did that motivation to keep at that part of the creative world. So, I’ve written very little poetry in the last four years.

        So, yeah, don’t disappear again. Keep writing, keep prompting, keep motivating.

        I’m thrilled you’re back.

      4. Lol…Kira is my nickname. It’s faster to say than Kirsten.

        Yes, I noticed that a lot of my favorite poets and writers from back then have disappeared. I was saddened to see that, but I know life often pulls us in many different directions.

        That’s why I was so happy to see that you and my friend Laurie were both still here!

        I have struggled with what I call “creative block” when I can’t seem to write, digitally paint, or do photography. Thankfully when I get it in area, I have two more to try and do :). Most recently, I have gotten interested in 3D modeling on the computer. I create characters for the story ideas that I have in my head. It helps to have a visual of who/what I am trying to write about. When I get really blocked I have to step completely out of comfort zone like trying to write lyrics to a song. And no, I will never sing it for anybody! Lol

        Don’t give up! you have a creative gene written into your DNA. it is there and it will awaken again. And you are great at poetry just look at what you created tonight! I am here if you ever need to talk about your block or bounce around ideas. You have to promise me you will let me see your artwork if you try fingerpainting or regular painting.

        So glad you are still her on WordPress!

      5. It sounds like you have a lot of creative outlets. At one point I thought that having different stories in various stage of “production” would help. But, no, I’m pretty much blocked on all of them. 😉 So, may a different creative medium is what is needed.

        If I paint something, you’ll know about it.

      6. I am juggling several stories too, but they all have me stymied. That’s why I tried the 3D modeling. It has helped. Definitely try a different medium and see if that helps. You poems are wonderful. Maybe try a different form each week. I did that for awhile. I can post a new form each week and you can use it as a prompt if that would help 🙂

      7. Thank you. My problem is that I started most of them back in 2014 and I never wrote down any notes. So I have no idea where I was going next.

        DUH! Don’t know what I was thinking!! Lol

        I will post a poetry form prompt for you tomorrow. 🙂

      8. Pick one of those stories, read what you’ve done, and … go. I started the Irreparable Past years ago, got stymied as I made my way through a particular part. I’m going to go back to it and delete everything about that part, and start over. What was in my mind back then doesn’t matter and may have caused the block. So …

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