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For Friday Fictioneers.  Big thank you to © Dawn M. Miller for the photo prompt. With every clickity-clank of the train she drew farther away from the life she had known. She desperately prayed that she had thoroughly covered her tracks. She had followed the man in black’s instructions to the “T.” The train entered…
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“I was created to do this job! I’m powerful and destructive! My parents are going to be so proud of me! I can do this! I was created to do this job!” I’d hoped that my inner pep talk would pump me up with confidence – no such luck. I was still shaking in my…
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Take 1

To read my Take 1 for this challenge please click here. I love photo prompts as writing kickstarts.  A picture gets my creative juices flowing.  So every once in awhile, I am going to post a photo prompt to kickstart my writing for the day.  If you would like to join me, I hope you do, then…
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