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the musings of an overactive mind

Seasons of Change

This is quite a bit late for one of the Thursday challenges over on With Real Toads. Emotional seasons ebb and flow as we wander through our lives. Sadness coats as winter snow settles for a spell. Yet, soon this snow shall melt revealing thrusts of green as winter fades to spring. Whispers of joy…
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Free (Monotetra)

Your gentle wind shall carry me Across deserts, above tall trees I soar sheltered in Your love’s lee I now fly free, I now fly free © 2018 eat. create. repeat, all rights reserved. image credit:bing.com

The Voice of Forgiveness

I shuddered as another loud sound crashed off to my right. The darkness was making me skittish. I knew better than to wander the streets in the lonely hours of deep night. Yet, here I was doing just that. What drove me to repeat the same stupidity night after night. Instead of climbing into my…
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My first fruits I hoard. Greedy, I hide them from sight, not sharing with You. All I give is crumbs. Just offering leftovers, vestiges of life. Make me a giver. Shape my heart to share my life, transparent with You! © 2018 eat. create. repeat, all rights reserved. image: google.com