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Seasons of Change

This is quite a bit late for one of the Thursday challenges over on With Real Toads. Emotional seasons ebb and flow as we wander through our lives. Sadness coats as winter snow settles for a spell. Yet, soon this snow shall melt revealing thrusts of green as winter fades to spring. Whispers of joy…
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Migration (Fusion Haiku)

This poem is for the Carpe Diem #1553 challenge You create a “fusion” haiku from the two original haiku: Waving the pampass grass, At the Shinkjuku station, I said goodbye. Yamaguchi Seison The migratory birds Make the wind blowing down to Osaka From mountains frequently. Kawahigashi Hekigoto   The pampass grass waves “goodbye,” to migrating…
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Starry Wink

Slowly night settles, wrapping its cloak around me. I snuggle in close. The crisp air crackles. Harmonies of “goodnight” swell as beasts go to sleep. Color bursts skyward. Tendrils of pink and red spread. The sun bids adieu. While stars wink and blink their “hellos.” written for dverse poets Quadrille #68 challenge © 2018 eat.…
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