This is quite a bit late for one of the Thursday challenges over on With Real Toads.

Emotional seasons ebb and flow as we wander through our lives. Sadness coats as winter snow settles for a spell. Yet, soon this snow shall melt revealing thrusts of green as winter fades to spring. Whispers of joy glide across barren valleys as we step free of hibernation shedding our winter coats to don the garbs of spring. Seasons last for just a moment as we walk the paths of change. Save that promise in your heart knowing that the darkness of night shall turn to light.
In the dark, I sit.
Waiting for the rising sun.
Night changes to light.

Narrative:  For this challenge we were asked to write about change.  And how that can be accompanied by a wistful sadness.  We were asked to write a Haibun (a Japanese form that combines prose and haiku) in the classic style which means in 100 words or less.  (we were able to use 150 words or less)  I incorporated the changing of emotions to reflect as seasons in our lives.  You can check out other people’s Haibuns for this challenge here.

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