1. Well, shoot, that makes me a pessimist. And I’ve always considered myself an optimist at the end of the day — because if I wasn’t, I would have given up a long time ago, given all of that difficulty. 😉

      1. Kira says:

        I agree you are a realist!! Which is not pessimistic in my view. You call them like you see them! Thats a good thing!

      2. Somewhat sarcastically, I’m known as the Angel of Darkness at work. Partially, it’s the nature of my job, but it’s also because I believe in reality and making sure the decision-makers know what that reality is. 😉

      3. Kira says:

        Wise man. I tend to play the role of devils advocate at work. I see what could potentially go wrong with out business plan and i verbally play out the scenarios with our staff. They dont always like what i have to say, but it has saved our behinds on several occasions 🙂

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