Last night I said goodbye,
As pieces of my heart died.
I have to believe You know what’s best.
That order will be made from this chaotic mess.

My heart yearns to hear his voice,
But his silence must be my choice.
Keep me strong as I fall and stumble.
Pick up the pieces as my heart crumbles.

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    1. Kira says:

      Thank you so much :). Hopefully now that I have my big projects at work done, I will be able to blog more!

  1. Hello to you, my friend
    For hours we sit at this place
    Our words filling the space
    I hope I’ve helped you mend

    Go out, take care, be you
    Pick up the pieces
    Life never ceases
    Good-bye til tomorrow, it’s brand new

    1. Kira says:

      This amazing!! Somehow you made this feel like it could be a response to a good friend who you are helping through a hard time! You made it personal for the reader which is much harder than you make it seem. I really hope you are saving all these poems somewhere. They have the makings of a “collection.”

      Personally, it is exactly what I needed to hear. So thank you 🙂

      1. I was going to skip this one because I couldn’t think of anything other than what you did – same theme anyway. And then, yes, I decided to write a response to yours.

        Glad it was what you needed to hear. If there was any truth in your poem, that was exactly my intent.

        As for saving these … that’s what your blog is for. 😉

      2. Kira says:

        NOOOOOO…you need to be saving them as a collection of poems silly man! Oh my goodness what am I am to do with you?

        Your poems are really good. I know you don’t think of yourself as a poet, but you are. And a skilled one at that.

        And yes there was truth in my poem, but it was written a little bit ago. I just hadn’t been ready to post it yet. I am in a good place with it now. But I really appreciate you poetic response because it reminded me that change can be a good thing 🙂

      3. Kira says:

        I think I might on one of my old blogs. I will try to look through this coming week. 🙂

      4. Don’t spend too much time on it. If it’s gone, it’s gone. I have stuff I put on my blog during that period of time. I’ll see what’s there worth keeping and putting together … again, for kicks and giggles.

      5. So, I just spent some time going through my blog and finding poetry I’ve written and posted there. One of the posts refers to Voices of Prose and Poetry published by Kirsten. Was that you? If so, you included one of my poems in it. Do you remember what poem?

        This is all so frightening, by the way, going back and reading my “poetry” … some humorous, some serious, some political, some actually not bad.

      6. Kira says:

        Yes, Voices of Poetry & Prose was a Magazine I did with a bunch of contributions from other WordPress bloggers. It was an online magazine. You should still be able to get it from a link if you have it on your page. You have actually written way more poetry than I think you realize :). And YES it is good!!!

      7. Well, the really stupid thing is that when I posted about it back then I didn’t include a link. SMH

        I’m also not happy with the search function and Key Word function on WordPress. I’ve tried both and it hasn’t produced everything I did back then. There was a NaPoMo where I wrote a poem every day for the month and they aren’t all popping up. Will need to find them all the old-fashioned way.

      8. Kira says:

        Ugh…that stinks. I will look this week for you. Tonight I am working on an art piece, but I should have some time during the week 🙂 is there one you are looking for in particular? The poems you posted on my blog were in the comments like you do now. I will check those :). Do you want me to publish them again on my old blog so you can see them? I think I made them all drafts or switched them to private.

      9. Finding my poetry should be the last thing on your list of priorities. I’m mostly interested in the poem I wrote that you published. Beyond that, don’t worry about it.

      10. Kira says:

        I really don’t mind doing it at all :). I worked double my hours for work last week so I only have to do a couple of things this week. So, I will have time to look.

        Plus, I want to make sure you can see what a good poet you are 🙂

      11. Kira says:

        I found the link to the magazine. You actually did a poem and prose for it. I am posting on my blog for you 🙂

      12. A most humble thanks to you from me. I read what you published and … well, I wish I could remember the why and the when and the where of those two pieces. I like them, but just wish I could remember writing them. It’s very frustrating when I don’t remember a thing like that … although the prose piece definitely rings a bell. Except I just don’t know what motivated it.

        Anyway, two things … first, if you ever decide to do something like that again, I’d like to be a part of it. A more active part of it — beyond just contributing a piece or two.

        Second, if you do go through your old blog and find things I wrote, email them to me at But, please, please, please, do not put that ahead of any other priority.


      13. Kira says:

        Don’t feel bad, I don’t remember most of my poems from back then! Lol.

        If I decide to do another magazine, I will totally take you up on your offer to be a part of it.

        And yes, I will send the poems I find to your email. 🙂

      14. Kira says:

        Thanks. If you see any other prompts/challenges that are not listed please let me know. I hope to add more as time goes on 🙂

      15. Ok, I’m going to start putting them together in a document. Not to publish … horrors! … but to at least keep for kicks and giggles. 😉

      16. Kira says:

        Lol “horrors”. 🙂 It would be absolutely awful to publish your wonderful poems in book! Well, I for one would NOT find it awful at all! Hopefully, you will collect them all together.

      17. Kira says:

        Yes, it is supposed to post tomorrow evening so I have time to visit others writings from the prompt. I didn’t have time tonight 🙁 so it will post tomorrow at 6 pm.

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