Your gentle wind shall carry me
Across deserts, above tall trees
I soar sheltered in Your love’s lee
I now fly free, I now fly free

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    1. Kira says:

      Ohhhh….I love this!! This often seems to be my state of mind lately! You captured the inner tension I think many writers experience!

      I always enjoy your poetry 🙂

      1. The thing is that this feeling is, in part, why I am struggling with writing and have for a number of years. Every idea I had for a new story led me to the same basic idea for the story … led me down the same path of searching and yearning. And I simply do not want to write that story, at least the way it kept popping into my head. So, the new ideas started to dry up. I’m working on that though.

        And one of the things that is helping is your return and your prompts. These simply little poetry forms and the opportunity they provide me to put something out there helps in a couple of ways. To get the idea out of my head, even if only just a bit, and to get that even in just a few words, I can write something that has meaning and tells a story.

        So, thank you.

      2. Kira says:

        You are very welcome 🙂

        I am so glad the poetry prompts help!! One reason I came back to WordPress community was to give back what so many gave me the last time I was here: encouragement!

        And you do an absolutely amazing job telling a complete story in just the few lines of the poems you have written. And that is a lot harder than you make it look!

        I always look forward to seeing what you will write!

      3. Just so long as your encouragement is always honest. If I write something that is crappy, I expect to be told it’s crappy. 😉

        As I said when you first re-appeared, I’m happy you’re back. WordPress has become a much quieter place. It needs a little more noise.

      4. Kira says:

        Lol…oh I will always be honest with you. Some of my best work has come from the honest constructive criticism of others 🙂

        I am good at making noise!!!!! LOL

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