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Last night I said goodbye, As pieces of my heart died. I have to believe You know what’s best. That order will be made from this chaotic mess. My heart yearns to hear his voice, But his silence must be my choice. Keep me strong as I fall and stumble. Pick up the pieces as…
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Loneliness (Clogyrnach)

Loneliness knocking at my door, It doesn’t live here anymore. Elsewhere it resides, Still I hear its cries. When it sighs, …I ignore © eat create repeat, all rights reserved. Today’s poem for Form Friday is a Clogyrnach. Please don’t ask me to pronounce it! A Clogyrnach is a sestet stanza with syllable counts of…
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Migration (Fusion Haiku)

This poem is for the Carpe Diem #1553 challenge You create a “fusion” haiku from the two original haiku: Waving the pampass grass, At the Shinkjuku station, I said goodbye. Yamaguchi Seison The migratory birds Make the wind blowing down to Osaka From mountains frequently. Kawahigashi Hekigoto   The pampass grass waves “goodbye,” to migrating…
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Free (Monotetra)

Your gentle wind shall carry me Across deserts, above tall trees I soar sheltered in Your love’s lee I now fly free, I now fly free © 2018 eat. create. repeat, all rights reserved. image

What Remains (Cherita)

Time slipped through her fingers. Youthful memories unraveled, shifting from one era to the next. The tighter she clung. The faster they slipped away. Until all that remained was today. © 2018 eat. create. repeat, all rights reserved. image:   Narrative:  I am a little late on this one.  Found this neat little poetry…
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Frills & Lace

Pleasing to the the eye, I must be – Never looking at the real me. Instead you judge by outward face, Caught up in all the frills and lace. Look inside my heart, I dare you. There you’ll find beauty that’s true. © 2018 eat. create. repeat, all rights reserved. image:

Starry Wink

Slowly night settles, wrapping its cloak around me. I snuggle in close. The crisp air crackles. Harmonies of “goodnight” swell as beasts go to sleep. Color bursts skyward. Tendrils of pink and red spread. The sun bids adieu. While stars wink and blink their “hellos.” written for dverse poets Quadrille #68 challenge © 2018 eat.…
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My first fruits I hoard. Greedy, I hide them from sight, not sharing with You. All I give is crumbs. Just offering leftovers, vestiges of life. Make me a giver. Shape my heart to share my life, transparent with You! © 2018 eat. create. repeat, all rights reserved. image: