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“I was created to do this job! I’m powerful and destructive! My parents are going to be so proud of me! I can do this! I was created to do this job!” I’d hoped that my inner pep talk would pump me up with confidence – no such luck. I was still shaking in my…
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Frills & Lace

Pleasing to the the eye, I must be – Never looking at the real me. Instead you judge by outward face, Caught up in all the frills and lace. Look inside my heart, I dare you. There you’ll find beauty that’s true. © 2018 eat. create. repeat, all rights reserved. image:

Women Brave: Cyhydedd Hir

We are women, brave. With our words we pave, the road that will save us from our past Standing strong we fight. Hope is now in sight. We shall walk in light. Freedom at last © 2018 eat. create. repeat, all rights reserved. Photo credit: purchased image from Poet’s Prose: Welcome to #FormFriday. On…
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The Voice of Forgiveness

I shuddered as another loud sound crashed off to my right. The darkness was making me skittish. I knew better than to wander the streets in the lonely hours of deep night. Yet, here I was doing just that. What drove me to repeat the same stupidity night after night. Instead of climbing into my…
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Take 1

To read my Take 1 for this challenge please click here. I love photo prompts as writing kickstarts.  A picture gets my creative juices flowing.  So every once in awhile, I am going to post a photo prompt to kickstart my writing for the day.  If you would like to join me, I hope you do, then…
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Yes, I did

Yes, I did change the name of my blog. I thought I came back to blogging for one reason, but then I started writing again and realized I came back to create!

Starry Wink

Slowly night settles, wrapping its cloak around me. I snuggle in close. The crisp air crackles. Harmonies of “goodnight” swell as beasts go to sleep. Color bursts skyward. Tendrils of pink and red spread. The sun bids adieu. While stars wink and blink their “hellos.” written for dverse poets Quadrille #68 challenge © 2018 eat.…
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Rough Day

Today was kind of a rough day. I went into the office for a meeting. So many changes going on. Good changes, but changes nonetheless. I am still having a hard time transitioning from being the boss to working only part time. (Health issues) I get a bit depressed when I go into the office.…
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The Voice

I can’t believe it’s been three nights! The burning in my gut hasn’t ceased for one moment since that night. I’ve tried to ignore it, but the fire is burning hotter than ever tonight. I’ve come to dread the dusk hour because the searing of my insides intensifies when night makes itself at home. The…
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Daily Decrease