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Under Construction

My site is going to be under construction for a couple of weeks while I try out a new theme for my work’s website. I am going to do a test run of the theme on this website so I can figure out how to seamlessly update my work site with the theme. That way…
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For Friday Fictioneers.  Big thank you to © Dawn M. Miller for the photo prompt. With every clickity-clank of the train she drew farther away from the life she had known. She desperately prayed that she had thoroughly covered her tracks. She had followed the man in black’s instructions to the “T.” The train entered…
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Voices of Poetry & Prose Magazine

This is for KingMidget .   A group of bloggers worked with me back in 2014 to put a magazine together of poetry & prose.  We had a blast!  Some of the participants are still blogging and some are not.  I was so excited because it was an interactive magazine that allowed me to link to everyone’s…
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Seasons of Change

This is quite a bit late for one of the Thursday challenges over on With Real Toads. Emotional seasons ebb and flow as we wander through our lives. Sadness coats as winter snow settles for a spell. Yet, soon this snow shall melt revealing thrusts of green as winter fades to spring. Whispers of joy…
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Last night I said goodbye, As pieces of my heart died. I have to believe You know what’s best. That order will be made from this chaotic mess. My heart yearns to hear his voice, But his silence must be my choice. Keep me strong as I fall and stumble. Pick up the pieces as…
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I’d like to introduce you to Tiny. He is a sweet dog, but a tad short on the smart gene. Tiny is uber inquisitive which makes him prone to unfortunate circumstances. © eat create repeat, all rights reserved. Image: I created this 3D image in DAZ Studio and Photoshop. Character Prompt: Today’s challenge is to…
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Night Owl

Well, I have been up all night trying to finish a book for work. I have it all edited and and cover completed. Just ordered proofs from the publisher. So I am off to bed now 🙂

The Marvelous Mask (Writing Prompt)

She wasn’t beautiful she knew that. But when she put on the mask and leaped out into the night, she felt safe. Nobody judged her when she was wearing the scarlet mask. There were no sideways smirks. No mumbled comments. She was simply a typical masked teenager. All her life she had desperately wanted to…
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Loneliness (Clogyrnach)

Loneliness knocking at my door, It doesn’t live here anymore. Elsewhere it resides, Still I hear its cries. When it sighs, …I ignore © eat create repeat, all rights reserved. Today’s poem for Form Friday is a Clogyrnach. Please don’t ask me to pronounce it! A Clogyrnach is a sestet stanza with syllable counts of…
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