the musings of an overactive mind

the musings of an overactive mind

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“The first step to becoming unblocked is to show up.  Then keep showing up until inspiration shows up too.”

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have..”
                                   ~ Maya Angelou
– Maya Angelou

Prompts & Challenges

Want to break free of your creative block?  Then I encourage you to check out our Prompts & Challenges Calendar.


Weekly creative podcast coming soon!


Poetry Forms

Sometimes, simply trying something new can give you a breakthrough.  Try out some of these poetry forms to break free of your creative block.


I NEED YOUR HELP to expand the Prompts & Challenges Calendar

I have only gathered together a small sampling of prompts & challenges that are available in cyberspace.  My hope is to keep expanding the calendar to serve the community better.  The more variety offered the more people can choose to participate in prompts & challenges that interest them.

If you offer prompts & challenges on your blog/website please submit your information to me so that I can add your information to my ever growing prompt & challenges calendar.  Each entry on my calendar has a short blurb about your prompt & challenge and a link to your blog/website.

– I look forward to your submission and thank you for helping me expand
this prompt & challenge calendar for everyone –

Calendar Submission